Web Designing Via the World Wide Web

Thanks to the advent of internet technology, the Communication Revolution that we are in the midst of has really gained ground. Dedicated web services have now made it possible to ply the World Wide Web at a click and from just about any remote corner of the world. It is in this pursuit that Live Pages, Mumbai, India has designed its application programming interfaces.

The web APIs for web hosting are being made available onto an international rostrum via a network that is both unique and highly versatile. Live Pages addresses all Internet-based requested services as part of a comprehensive package. The many web services offered include:

• Domain registration protocol and application

• Dedicated Search engine optimization

• Internet marketing services

• Access to Hypertext Transfer Protocol

• Use of Extensible Markup Language

• PUT, GET and DELETE HTTP methodologies

These are but just a few of the many web based requirements and upgrades being addressed by Live Pages. It has now become imperative for commercial applications on the web to invest in Big Web Services (Simple Object Access Protocol standardizations) as well as REST-ful (RE-presentational State Transfer operational) Web Services. To this end, Live Pages functions as a one stop shop solution for all the online business needs. Webservices offered by the company are in sync with the Java and.NET frameworks – Spring, Apache Axis2 and CXF.

The company’s service-oriented online architecture is replete with back up integrated services. Located in Mumbai, India, Live Pages offers domestic and international clientele web services that allow combinations for multitasking and enriched web presence. Composite web services are regularly updated and in this way, Live Pages partners the online endeavor. Well ahead of competitors, the company’s core management team flaunts control over exception handling and interoperable interaction over a vast network.

Live Pages has been facilitating the extensive use of web-related standards to meet product and dominion demands. The team addresses both manipulated representations of resources and arbitrary web services. Dedicated Search Engine Optimization is addressed on behalf of individual clients separately and specifically. The ‘one cap fits all’ approach has long been replaced by the ‘uniqueness thrives’ attitude that every endeavor is charged with. Live Pages has completely redefined web hosting services, empowering many an online venture with features and characteristics that offer distinct web presence.

After all in the faceless web world it does take a little soul to stand apart and shine amidst competition. This is the core approach toe every comprehensive Internet marketing service option and package available. The company’s commitment to eCommerce web designing and allied services is an accomplishment of repute mainly due to the ingrained integrity and rostrum of trust offered to every client. The web is no more some surreal virtual space; it has developed into ‘the’ only space we are actually pushing to full potential. For an online business venture it has now become critical to address dedicated and customizable web designing applications. Live Pages realizes this potential and offers upgrades as a matter of policy.